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With Special Guests JD & The Straight Shot


With Special Guests JD & The Straight Shot


Available on the day of the show for $20 CASH ONLY. *Prices determined by owners/operators

Age Limits

Everyone requires a ticket regardless of age. 

Ticket Limit


Venue Entry

A search will be conducted at all venue entry points and all guests entering the venue will be subject to handheld wand screening and bag checks. Bags larger than 12x8 are discouraged. Please arrive when doors open to allow ample time for processing. Clear bags are not required, but are encouraged if you have them. 

Safety and Security

No cameras. No video/audio recorders. Absolutely no photographing or videotaping of the show (smartphones included). No signs/banners. No moshing or crowd surfing. No glass items. No long chains or spike bracelets. No backpacks or large bags. No iPads/tablets, GoPros, selfie sticks or glow sticks. No lasers, lights or flash lights. No weapons of any kind (that includes mace). No items or actions that may challenge public safety.

Mobile Devices

Please turn off cell phones and other electronic devices during the concert. Please do not text or film during the concert. No videotaping on smartphones.